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On Mon, 02 October 2000, Louis Proyect wrote:

> 1. Permanent Revolution: revolution in colonial or >semicolonial countries must be
>socialist. This idea >was developed by Trotsky in the context of the
> Russian class struggle.

Mr. Louis Proyect,

Thanks for your answer. Is Trotsky concept of
"permanent revolution" similar as Leninst concept of
two stage uninterupted revolution as given in April Thesis for colonial and semi
colonial country? As you
know, Lenin was follower of Marx Engles idea of two
stage revolution given in Commmunist Manifesto. In
poor country, how can revolution be socialist to
start because condition very different from rich
country. Also what is Trotsky idea on role of peasants
in permanent revoltion? All this is important theory
and practical matters.

>Unfortunately it has evolved into a kind of empty
> formula by Trotskyists in 3rd world countries that >leaves no room for
> complex situations such as that exists in Venezuela >today where a populist
> military figure has surrounded himself with Marxist advisers and is
> defending the right of his country and other >underdeveloped oil producing
> countries to receive a fair price.

You are right, peculiar and intresting condition in
Venezuela. Perhaps Venezula is trying to take path
of independent capitalist development? But big powers
do not like that.

> 3. Vanguard Party: unfortunately the Trotskyist movement has never really
> understood how Lenin's party was really organized. Instead it relies on
> Zinoviev's rulebooks which are a recipe for >sectarian disaster.

Once more peculiar situation in left movement. Too
much split, fragment and fight betwen each other. This
point to problem in theory, practice or both. Look at
right today. They have contradiction but they appear
to settle them. And right have not much theory or poor
theory. So what is problem with left? These need


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