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Tue Oct 3 07:55:21 MDT 2000

The Guardian (London), October 3, 2000

Patchy start to Serbian strike

Gillian Sandford in Belgrade

A general strike to force Yugoslavia's president, Slododan Milosevic, to
concede electoral defeat failed to bring the Serbian republic to a complete
standstill yesterday.

Opposition strongholds in the provinces lived up to their record of
radicalism, but in Belgrade and other major cities workers failed to heed
opposition pleas for a boycott.

The opposition had urged a countrywide general strike to force Mr Milosevic
to concede that his challenger, Vojislav Kostunica, had won an outright
victory in the first round of the presidential election on September 24.

The state electoral committee ruled last week that Mr Kostunica's share of
the vote fell just short of 50% and ordered a runoff next Sunday.

In activist towns such as Cacak, Kraljevo, and Kragujevac, roads were
blocked, shops shut and businesses closed. But an opposition spokesman
conceded that the day's showing was a disappointment.

'Today we particularly failed with this general strike People in Serbia are
not ready yet to boycott everything,' the spokesman said.


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