Palestine, Nader, and US imperial interests

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Tue Oct 3 10:59:28 MDT 2000

Lueko Willms...
<Dreamer. How do you expect somebody to condemm the interests of US
imperialism, who thinks that US corporations should call the Marines
(these US special forces) if their business runs into trouble beyond the
US borders ?>

Well, Lueko, I don't think Nader is the only problem here in the US of
A.      With a Left that consists of a CP voting for Al Gore, an SWP
selling books at fairs, and a whole plethora of grouplets chasing after
Joe and Jane Six-pack as 'their idea of building the class
struggle'>>>>>now latching onto chasing after Ralph!

So what can you do?      Yes!.... Let's try to put some pressure on
Nader here....   Real world to Nader)))))

My reply to Ken on the CrashList....
Good for you and the other Sacramento activists in the Greens, Ken. If
there was more activism on issues like this to come from the Greens,
then one could begin to feel more positive about the possible future of
your party away from reformist electoral politic-ing.     A
commentator on another list accused me of being a 'dreamer' in urging
people to put pressure on Nader and the Green Pary leadership to support
the Palestinians.     Maybe not totally a dreamer?!

My 'dream' is that a poltical tendency in the US takes it upon itself to
organize in defense of Palestinians, Colombians, Russians, Africans,
Indonesians, and all the others falling under the gun of the US.   And
not to just wait until Joe and Jane Six-pack down the street show some

Tony Abdo
The local Sacramento Greens will be joining a protest this Friday at
4:30 pm at 16th & J Streets against Israeli occupation and terrorism.

Ken Adams, Sacramento County Green Party Spokesperson and candidate for

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