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LP> >1)Why "ism" after name of Trotsky? What contrbution of
LP> >Trotsky to marxist theory/practice like Lenin and Mao?
LP> Trotskyism was an attempt to build international movement grouped
LP> around his core ideas:

   I happen to disagree.

   Trotskyism is the name given to the proletarian revolutionist
movement by the pettybourgeois caste rising to power in the Soviet
Union in the 1930ies.

   Trotsky's contribution to the theory of the proletarian movement is
precisely the defense of the legacy of the October revolution, of
Lenin, Marx and all the others who contributed to the theoretical
armaments of the working class movement. His own _original_
contribution is the analysis of the degeneration of a workers state,
with his book "Revolution Betrayed" (published 1936) as the main work;
and his work to form an organisation to continue the collective
consciense of the movement.

   On the other hand, I don't see any theoretical contribution by Mao
Tse Dong to retain, except two practical contributions: leading the
Chinese revolution to victory in 1949, and intervening to defend
Korea, and by the same token, China, against US aggression in Korea,
which was accomanied with an overturn of the social relations in
China, making China a workers state. But this was intertwined, as in
all those deformed revolutions, by depriving the working clas of all
politcal liberties and powers, also by a class collaborationist course
in world politics.

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