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Mr. William,

Thanks to you for answer. Some clarfication necessary.
You write:

>Trotskyism is the name given to the proletarian >revolutionist movement by the
>pettybourgeois caste
>rising to power in the Soviet Union in the 1930ies.

What is this "pettybourgois caste" as you say? Because
use of word caste is strange for me because I am from
India (Bharat). You see caste is very differnt meaning
here - it is there for thousand years. But I think it
have economic basis. Today if you look in India, upper
class people are genraly from upper caste too. It is
quite complex - caste/class relation. Political
leaders, intellengsia, book writers, etc mostly from
upper caste. But according to marxism, there must
be economic foundation to this caste (class?). So what is foundation for this caste in
USSR in 1930?

>Trotsky's contribution to the theory of the >proletarian movement is  precisely the
>defense of the
>legacy of the October revolution, of
>Lenin, Marx and all the others who contributed to the >theoretical armaments of the
>working class movement.

Many people defend October revolution. My question was
before what is similar/differnce between Trotsky
permanent revolution and Lenin's two-stage revolutioin
that actually occur in Russia and later in China? To
me, it seem (please correct if wrong) that for poor
country, so far marxism-leninism has given only one
path - two-stage uniterrupted revolution. So what
is connection of Trotsky permanent revolution to this?
This is important matter, I hope you see.

>His own _original_ contribution is the analysis of >the degeneration of a workers
>with his book "Revolution Betrayed" (published 1936) >as the main work;  and his work
>to form an >organisation to continue the collective
>consciense of the movement.

You mean, Russia was not workers state but degenrated
workers state? Meaning confusing. Were Russian working
class in power or not?
So Russia was not socialist state? You see -
relevant question this. Nature of state in Russia.
This question important for today after collaspe of
Russia back to capitalism. To understand why. And not
to fall in empricism.

Your comment on Mao little simplistic but he can be
discuss later. For now, let us focus on Trotsky concept
and Russia if you agree. Thanks to you.


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