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Mr. Louis Proyect wrote:

> This is difficult to answer in an email since some
>authors have devoted an entire lifetime to these
>questions. In general I would shy away from
> turning the discussion into a contest between two
>rival theories that arose in the context of the >Russian revolution.

That was my orginal question. Whether Lenin's two-stage
revolutionary process was simlar/differnt from Trotsky
concept of permanent revoltion in poor country. If
similar, then no original contrbution in permanent
revoltion theory since 2-stage concept Lenin got from
Marx and Engels. If differnt, then permanent revoltion
something new, orginal concept, and have to be

Your writing on China and Cuba approach of Trotsky movement is sad because movement
does not appear to
understand actual realty.

One thing I confused about. If a movement fail, then
which primary responsible for failure - theory or
practice? In Trotsky case, failure was due to theory
or practice, mainly? Why practice is secetarian? Is
it beacuse of weak theory or someting other?

You have crticised Trotsky movement for their approach.
But why they took this approach. Problem needs
analysis at deeper level.

> On the question of "socialist to start", perhaps it would be best to say
> that the speed at which socialism is constructed is dictated by the
> relationship of class forces nationally and internationally. This of course
> is a complex question.

What about stage of development of productive
forces in country after revolution? Crucal
matter but often ignored. You see Russia in 1917 was
poor backward country. So level of productive force
was low. But after October 1917, socialist relations
of production on backward economic base. Advanced
head on weak body. What kind of society was this?
Socialist? Or somthing else? Unless this understood,
will not know what should be future direction in revolution. And not also understand
why Russia go
backward to capitalism.


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