Why we need more Commmunist Professors

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Xxxx: I can top that one:
 Quiz Section "Life in the Third World"

Question #7
South Korea,, Hong Kong and Taiwan achieved economic success in the postwar
era through
a. free-market capitalism
b. isolation from the world community
c. socialist redistribution
d. their dependence on US aid

 You give me the right answer.
Julio Cesar

At 01:15 AM 10/3/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Comrades, look at this test bank in comparative politics to see how
>undergraduate students are brain washed with feelings of anti communism.
>I just wanted to share this absurdity with you, while I was preparing
>exam questions for my kids on thursday. Isn't our academia an
>establishment to defend the every corner stone of capitalism and US
>The former communist states' almost complete control over their
>societies, politics and economics was often called
>a) democracy
>b) totalitarianism
>c) autocracy
>d) imperialism
>bingo! the correct answer is b
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