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                            Green Left Weekly,
                                 Issue #423
                              October 4, 2000
Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week: Prague: People's power strikes again

The demonstrations against the IMF and World Bank have provided another
boost to the rising global movement against capitalism.


* S26: `Prague was ours today'
* S26: `Let's not let them off the hook'
* S26: Jail solidarity


* Some movement-building lessons from S11
* Anti-IMF protests sweep the world
* S26 actions around Australia
* S11 haunts Bracks, cops
* Interest in DSP and Resistance strong after S11
* Bracks backs outsourcing government


* BRITAIN: Should socialists support the petrol protests?
* VIETNAM: Workers in winning streak
* EAST TIMOR: Documents assert `we can't block Jakarta'
* EAST TIMOR: Militia still armed and dangerous
* INDONESIA: Militant union calls for international solidarity
* INDONESIA: Scores injured after Suharto goes free
* Spotlight on Indonesia and West Papua
* INDONESIA: Peasants march for justice
* CAMBODIA: In the eyes of Buddha
* PAKISTAN: Conference to call for democracy's restoration
* RUSSIA: Neo-Nazis attack Jewish school
* UNITED STATES: Too much corporate power?
* UNITED STATES: CIA admits it recruited top Nazi general
* BOLIVIA: Protests bring nation to standstill
* COLOMBIA: Paramilitaries suspected of murders of four indigenous
* BRAZIL: Land reform activist murdered
* BORIS KAGARLITSKY ON EASTERN EUROPE: `The reality of capitalism is


* Where to now for the indigenous rights movement?
* Fortress First World


* Labor cons truck drivers on fuel prices
* Workers' action needed to solve fuel crisis
* TWU: truckies are `struggling' to survive
* Joy picketers: `We won't give in'
* Squatters resist eviction
* Protesters angered by welfare `punishment'
* `Nothing has changed' since John Pat's death
* Western Sydney rallies for refugees
* MUA leaders fail to back sacked delegate
* Unionists Against Corporate Tyranny on the web


* The right to have fun has to be won
* A glimpse at the history of rap

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