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> Mr. Louis Proyect wrote:
> > This is difficult to answer in an email since some
> >authors have devoted an entire lifetime to these
> >questions. In general I would shy away from
> > turning the discussion into a contest between two
> >rival theories that arose in the context of the >Russian revolution.
> That was my orginal question. Whether Lenin's two-stage
> revolutionary process was simlar/differnt from Trotsky
> concept of permanent revoltion in poor country.

Well, the April theses were unmistakably a recognition by Lenin that
history could not be split into separate stages (something he had not
been doing, but his followers while he was returning from exile had
consistently done, thus exposing what he obviously took as a
dangerous inmanent danger in his own theory and practice).

Most Bolsheviks were stunned to hear him exposing the Theses, and he
threatened the leadership with turning to the rank and file. Trotsky
was obvioulsy reivindicated by this act of Lenin, if any
reivindication was necessary (in practice, Bolsheviks and Trotskyists
had been tending to work hand in hand and arm to arm everyplace and
everywhere after the Revolution)

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