Re.: how students are brain washed

Chris Brady chris_brady at
Tue Oct 3 18:31:08 MDT 2000

A middle-schooler (around the same age as Mohammed Jamal Aldura) told me
that a fellow pupil admonished him for using the word "communism."  It
was a bad word.  This fellow pupil is from a strongly Christian family.

Their teacher told their 8th grade Humanities class that socialism is
characterised by government dictatorship over the people.

Where we lived here last in the western USA, our next door neighbor
understood socialism to be synonymous with Nazism.  Yet he was a fair
and good-hearted husband and father who willingly contributed
above-average efforts to community events and projects, often organizing
them and signing his name to leftish petitions. In over-the-fence chats,
he expressed warm appreciation and deep sympathy for his fellow humans.
He was not stupid, either; he got his PhD in chemistry.  He was simply
another product of bourgeois hegemony.

The expressions of such bourgeois hegemony found in Mine's examples, and
Julio's, are the rule --not the exception-- far further afield than the
hallowed halls of academe.  That's why our task of enlightenment
sometimes seems so daunting.  But despite the trumpeteering
triumphalists blare that "There Is No Alternative" to capitalism, it
remains clear that there is no alternative but to challenge capitalism.

See even the Radical History discussion list, where one might expect at
least an acceptance of socialist values in history if not its
advancement in the present.
Again, we cannot abandon the field and leave it to our antagonists.  It
would be like condoning the execution of 12-year old Mohammed Jamal
Aldura --exponentially.

Chris Brady

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