A Serb striker speaks out

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Wed Oct 4 11:11:18 MDT 2000

NY Times, October 4, 2000

Striking Serbian Coal Miners Maintain Solidarity


KOLUBARA, Serbia, Oct. 3 - Here in the coal-black heart of Serbia's revolt
against Slobodan Milosevic, miners in overalls milled nervously around
their idle machinery today, smoking and chatting. There is solidarity,
anxiety and contempt for Mr. Milosevic's effort to cling to power.


Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, a geodesic engineer, said Serbia was weary of Mr.
Milosevic and his wife, Mirjana Markovic, and their devotion to a faded

"Milosevic lost everything - Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo," Mr. Kuzmanovic said.
"He doesn't defend Serbia or Serbs. He's just defending communism here. If
he and his wife can't give up communism, let them go to China or Cuba and
enjoy communism there. Please let him stop `defending' us, and let us live
in a normal country as a part of Europe."

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