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>Lou:I knew Jon Barzman from UCLA, where he was a Teaching Assistant in the
>early 1980s. He was also a very bitter and unocooperative member of the LA
>local, for reasons you probably know better than I. Last time I saw him, in
>1991, he was headed for Texas to teach at some small college, after years
>spent as a "freeway" adjunct professor at various Southern California
>universities.(He even got a write up in the LA Times about this.) I always
>wandered what hapened to Mandels "right-hand man" in America. Thanks for
>the info., and the portrait of his parents is touching and inspiring.
>Julio Cesar

Los Angeles Times, May 28, 1991, Tuesday, Home Edition



They are known as "freeway flyers": college lecturers who zip from campus
to campus, teaching students everything from basic writing to psychology
and business management.

They are the front-line soldiers who grease the education machine, taking
on the overflow and specialty classes that tenured faculty cannot cover at
California's public colleges and universities.

They are also the first to feel any budget pinch. Now, with Gov. Pete
Wilson slashing $1.2 billion in state support for higher education and
campuses cutting course offerings, many of the more than 36,000 lecturers
across California fear they will not have jobs next fall.


Living in lecturers' limbo was too much for historian John Barzman, who has
been shuttling between Cal Poly Pomona, Cal State Fullerton and his
apartment in Los Angeles' Westlake district for the last two years.

Barzman had hoped the part-time lecturer positions would lead to a
permanent job at one of the universities. This fall, budget cuts and a
decline in the number of history majors mean there will be little need for
part-time history instructors at either Cal State campus. So, Barzman has
accepted a tenure-track job at a university in Texas.

"I'm bitter," said the 44-year-old specialist in modern European history.
"I really feel the (Cal State) system is pretty rotten because many, many
classes -- more than 30% of them -- are taught by lecturers year after
year. They are competent, needed and liked, and are rehired every year. But
they have no security."

Louis Proyect
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