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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Oct 4 09:54:54 MDT 2000

This is going to be my last post on technical issues. From now on, Les
Schaffer who has graciously accepted the responsibility of technical
coordinator, will be handling all such issues as lost posts, subbing and
unsubbing, formatting, MIME compliance, etc.

This will deal with my pet obsession: formatting of crossposted web
material. While Les is going to put together some guidelines himself, I
want to throw out a few recommendations. I know that you will go on your
stubborn way of ignoring me, but here goes:

1. The "spillover" problem is associated with copying and pasting from web
pages using Netscape Navigator, but not with Microsoft Explorer. I would
encourage people to look into downloading and using Explorer, even though
Bill Gates is Satan. The URL to get the latest version of Microsoft
Explorer is at:

2. The NY Times and the Nation Magazine have an option that allows you to
send the article directly to the Marxism list or any other address for that
matter. Julio Caesar Pino has been taking advantage of this feature, thusly
avoiding all formatting problems. If such a feature exists, please make use
of it.

3. If the article appears to be a permanent feature of some website, it is
best to copy the first paragraph of the article and the URL, especially for
longer articles. Right now, the maximum number of bytes for a posting to
the list is 100,000 but will probably be downsized to 30,000 or so fairly
soon. This will prevent the kind of mailbombing that took place a month or
so ago.

Live Long and Prosper,

Louis Proyect, Moderator of the Marxism list

Louis Proyect
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