A Serb striker speaks out

Owen Jones owen_jones at SPAMcwcom.net
Wed Oct 4 15:32:17 MDT 2000


 Just to update you on the situation in Yugoslavia. The miners at the main
coal mine have set up a strike committee, the leadership of which have been
arrested. But apparently the police are defending a workers' state and a
communist regime from these thousands of anti-communist hordes. Thereby I
presume our position should be to call on Milosevic to watch CNN and emulate
the Israelis as regards these miners. Frankly I will not betray these
Yugoslav proletarians who sent aid to their British brothers and sisters
during the 1980s in the Miners' Strike. I believe they are in need today.

 I went to an anti-war meeting in Manchester on Monday - the Committee for
Peace in the Balkans - which was attended by members of Manchester's Serbian
community. A Serbian woman I spoke with explained that the workers of the
main coal mine had what she described "socialistic demands", such as
opposition to privatisation and in support of workers' management. So
ironically, even though I am a lackey of British imperialism, I must say
that it is you on this occasion who has simply read the bourgeois media with
an uncritical mind in the belief that all those involved in this nation-wide
demonstration are anticommunist traitors and imperialist stooges whose only
demand is the removal of Milosevic in favour of an opposition on Western

 I can imagine that this quote is either completely made up by the reporter,
or they went through the crowds to find the most reactionary person
available, or paid someone a bit of cash to get a nice-sounding reactionary
sentence out. Doesn't sound like a worker to me.



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