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>Los Angeles Times, May 28, 1991, Tuesday, Home Edition
>They are known as "freeway flyers": college lecturers who zip from campus
>to campus, teaching students everything from basic writing to psychology
>and business management.
>They are the front-line soldiers who grease the education machine, taking
>on the overflow and specialty classes that tenured faculty cannot cover at
>California's public colleges and universities.

No security is the basic idea. This method to deprive teachers of any sense
of safe permanence in their jobs has been one of the main reasons why the
Argentinian educational system fell down to its present sad situation.
Traditionally, this has been particularly so with the intermediate level,
but now it is extended (under the wise guidance of the World Bank) to every

The system is known here as "profesores taxi", that is "cab teachers". It
consists, essentially, in that teachers must run from school to school in
order to keep some undecent but minimal income. Tenure has also been
curtailed, and the obvious aim of the authorities is to elliminate such a
"distortive" practice save for a few pundits on hire of the system.

The result has been that teachers have not been able to keep themselves
upgraded and that the whole system became a grinding mill for them as well
as for children.

I have always believed that among other usages of the Third World we should
count that of a lab for perversity, which might be applied in the First
World if need be. The comments recently posted on this list according to
which Hitler had learnt a lot from the charge of the US against the first
nations is very telling in this respect. This charge is still on.

Lic. Néstor M. Gorojovsky
Dirección de Estadísticas del Sector Primario
Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censos Argentina

Louis Proyect
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