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Thu Oct 5 07:44:56 MDT 2000

I cringe every time I see that phrase. In UK there was a thing called
"IT82" - in 1982 the govt wanted to promote interest in information
technology by making people think about it (as against making it free as
in France). One of their gimmicks was to run a competition among local
government to make a presentation about the impact of IT by the year 200
(which seemed a long way off). I was working for the labour left Greater
London Council (GLC - became famous led by Livingstone) and was chosen to
take part in the team. I let my brain run free and invented loads of
silly, impossible ideas - computer aided gambling, web addiction, etc,
included in which was the idea that traditional "Personnel" sections would
be replaced by a radical new 1984 style "Human Resources" approach. How my
drinking friends chuckled - what an ironist, they exclaimed, spilling beer
in their mirth. Even before the damn thing was in print there were
vacancies for posts of "Directors of Human Resources", and now you can
select it as a "career path". Time for a vodka (isn't it always ?)


Louis Proyect
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