Requesting one email per day

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Oct 5 10:53:44 MDT 2000

Anthony Phillips wrote:
>is there anyway i can request one email per day?

Anthony, first of all. There was really no need to send along 50,000 bytes
of digest material to the list if you had only this question. For people
who subscribe to the digest, it is sometimes a little laborious to have to
delete everything that automatically gets appended when you select "reply".
Here is a suggestion. Instead of replying, simply compose a *new* message
to marxism at

On your question: the digests get sent out when 50,000 bytes worth of posts
have been accumulated. I guess that on a busy day, you might get 5 posts or
more. My suggestion to people who feel burdened by 5 digests a day is to
unsub and read the archives at:

I will always be happy to forward anybody's comments to the list, who is
not a subscriber.

Louis Proyect
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