A Serb striker speaks out

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at SPAMgmx.net
Thu Oct 5 05:26:42 MDT 2000

Julio Pino wrote:

> Like Lech Walensa

I was waiting for this one to pop up. Actually the Polish strike movement
was defeated in 1980 and the following years. This defeat was a precondition
for the back door deal between the old party beaucracy and some Catholic
intellectuals bringing Walesa to power. But though the Polish strikers had
been defeated at the beginning of the eighties, the vague remeberance of
their power puts some limits to West European (mainly German) capitalist
colonization of Poland. Take a look at the talks to join the European Union.
BTW: in Poland the former Communists (like President Kwaszienewsci) are the
liberal reformers.

> and Boris Yeltsin?

He was Moscow Party secretary, wasnt he? His rise is similiar to that of
Milosevic, using a mixture of Russian nationalism and anti-beaurocratic
rhetoric, not so much specific working class content.

> Julio Cesar
> Johannes:
> >I think the opposition is playing a dangerous game by calling for a
> >strike. If Kostunica will be a president by the grace of the working
> >he will have to pay it back some day.
> >
> >Johannes
> >

I share much of the skepiticism about pure working class action expressed
here, but I want to insist that the appearance of the working class on the
political stage is a precondition for any progressive development. As a
Marxist I believe in the dynamics of social processes.


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