To watch the new democratic-socialist parliament in Mongolia?

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Thu Oct 5 11:28:02 MDT 2000

> i just learned that the communists have won a majority in the Mongolian
> parliament.
> should i be watching future events in Mongolia to determine if the only
> (?) democratic-communist state can successfully rule its people?
> thanks for your response.
> norm

I would suggest the you observe how all the former public properties that
have been privatised remain that way. The MPRP has been re-elected (after an
absence of only four years) due to the desperation of the population to undo
the destruction of "structural adjustment". Unfortunately for the people of
Mongolia, that would take a revolution. Life indicators will not go back up
significantly, property will remain in the hands of a few rich, mainly from
the "West".

The people will likely live in the sewers under the newly privatised
economy. That's where the Mongolian children ended up after 1996 toppled the
Communists. They are back to square one, and the struggle to eliminate this
tragedy has little or no place in the electoral arena.

A slightly side note: If the MPRP does go about re-introducing public
property, then we will finally see Mongolia in the newspapers: "Dictators,
hard-liners, throw backs to the worst forms of Stalinists", etc. A coup
against them, or something to unseat them in any case, would soon follow.
They need an army. That's a big component what revolutions are: the armed
will of a population to socialise production.


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