To watch the new democratic-socialist parliament in Mongolia?

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Thu Oct 5 11:57:30 MDT 2000

Norman wrote:
> i just learned that the communists have won a majority in the Mongolian
> parliament.
> should i be watching future events in Mongolia to determine if the only
> (?) democratic-communist state can successfully rule its people?

Sorry to disappoint you, Norm, but not everywhere where Communism is written
at the outside you will find Communism inside, but...
Tony Blair and Buddism

Here is what the BBC had to say in July:

"Blair's fan in Mongolia

By BBC News Online's Emma Batha
Mongolia's new prime minister in waiting is a big Tony Blair fan, who knows
all about spin, image-makers and the "Third Way".

Indeed, Nambariin Enkhbayar, a charismatic Anglophile and devout Buddhist,
proudly claims to have modelled himself on the British leader. "

Much more of this bla-bla and personality cult at:


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