Milosevic is fucked....

Owen Jones owen_jones at
Thu Oct 5 12:49:57 MDT 2000

 ...for good or for bad, of course. Let us see what happens before casting

 Right. Ok Louis. A million Yugoslavs are all drunk. There is no other
material basis to this uprising other than alcohol. Like that South Park
episode where a drunken re-enactment of the Civil War re-ignited the
Southern uprising, with Cartman as its general, as the drunken gangs truly
believed that they were still simply acting out as they marched on
Washington DC. So it is vital in this case that the opposition maintain a
steady supply of alcohol - in the episode to which I refer, the actors
sobering up nearly ended the entire coup attempt.

 Anyway, now we have established that the driving force of history is
alcohol. If one were to look at a history of the Russian Revolution, to take
the most famous uprising of the 20th Century, like "Ten Days That Shook The
World", you will also find incidents of looting and drunkenness during the
storming of the Winter Palace in particular. Unfortunately it would be a
gross simplification to portray the storming as "drunken mob storms Russian

 By the way, I noticed that in just about every frame of the coverage, there
was a black flag flying high somewhere. Perhaps some hope. But I believe
that these are members of Andrej Grubabic's anarchist collective.

 I have to say, whether one sees this as a revolution or a
counterrevolution, I have this strong, slightly depressing feeling that,
somewhere in the centre of Belgrade today, the last piece of the 20th
Century died.


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