Carrol Cox cbcox at
Thu Oct 5 13:36:30 MDT 2000

Luko Willms wrote:

>      There is one group outside of China which really did learn taking
> power and maintaining it from Mao Tse Tung: the "Khmer Rouge" in
> Kampuchea with Pol Pot at their had.
>    I don't think that you recommend to learn like them.

This is mere slander. You ought to write for the Black Book or perhaps
put out pamphlets for the John Birch Society. If you can't think up a better

slander of Mao than hauling in that utter irrelevancy the Khmer Rouge,
you obviously have nothing to say about the Chinese Revolution that
would be worth refuting. Marxism for you as for Owen Jones seems to
be a religion rather than an ongoing and collective process -- and your
judgment of other marxists resembles xtian contests over the Trinity.


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