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Mr. Anthony,

Thank you for detail reply on Trotsky contribution
 - practice and theory which Mr. Louis Proyect (owner
of list) kindly sent to list. Trotsky play important
part in Russian revolution. Also, he influence many
people in west. So he have power of mind
and intelligence, so have to be understand by us. In
objective manner.

After you mention many contribution by Trotsky to
Marxist practice, you say

> For his role in the revolution alone, Communism
>might justifiably be called Trotskyism - not Leninism,
>certainly not Maoism, and anything but Stalinism.

Definition of communism by Marx is classless society.
Today marxism is call marxism-leninism in many
place. Because leninism is more development of marxism.
Do you say, it should be marxism-trotskism?
And you simplify about Mao  And also Stalinism is unclear term. It do not exist in
most part of world.

> Trotsky and Lenin both understood that the Russian >revolution would not survive if
>it were not soon >joined by successful socialist revolutions in
> Europe.

Then why Lenin try building socialism (in one
country)in Russia after Oct 1917? You see, development
of different countries uneven. It is not probable
to have revolution in all countries at same time. So
should worker class in poor country wait until there
is revolution in rich country?

> Trotsky led the struggle against the political
>degeneration of the Russian
> Communist Party as it became increasingly
>bureaucratized and conservative
> in the reactionary period of the 1920's.

Very difficult historical period. Today everywhere
bureaucracy in all countries on top of common people.
But what is class (economic) foundation of such
bureaucracy in Russia in 1920-1930?

> Trotsky's struggle to build a new revolutionary
>international party bore important fruit. Parties in
>countries like Vietnam, China, Bolivia, Sri
> Lanka, France, Great Britain, the USA, and later in >many other countries began to
>lead important workers,
>social and anti-imperialist struggles.

You perhaps right about other countries but China. Revolution in China was not led by
party. It was led by party under Mao.

> Trotsky's theory of the Permanent Revolution, began >as the understanding that
>democratic revolutions to >succeed must achieve socialist tasks - foremost the
>>destruction of monarchical or other state apparatus >of class rule. This implied
>that to succeed, the >working class would have to win theleadership the >democratic
>revolution, and transform it into a >socialist revolution.

If you read Lenin (April thesis)concept of 2 stage
revolution in poor country. Stage 1 - democratic
revolution (Feb 1917). Object of this stage against
monarchy. Stage 2 - socialist revolution (Oct 1917).
Object of this stage against bourgois class and to
start on socialist road. Two different stage with
two different task.

But as you write above about Permanent revolution,
democratic revolution must achieve socialist task.
But how this possible? To do everything in one stage?
Again my question: what relation of permanent
revolution (Trotsky) to 2 stage revolution (Lenin)?

Permanent revoltion mean revolution all the time? How
this possible? Can one man run all time with no rest?
In history, there is evolution (slow quantity change)
and then revolution (fast quality change). This is
view of Marx and Engels, also Lenin. But word
'permanent' appear to be not this view and
confusing. Everything mixed up in one vesel.

>There you will find the theory of the Permanent
>Revolution developing - Trotsky now clearly
>understood that socialist revolution could
>not survive within any one national framework, and >that its survival in Russia or
>anywhere else such a >revolution might occur - would depend on the
> development of revolution in some or all of the most
>important imperialist countries.

But this against law of uneven devlopment in different
countries as say before. Hope we get clearity by


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