Milosevic is fucked....

Owen Jones owen_jones at
Thu Oct 5 16:02:38 MDT 2000

Reply to Louis Proyect, at lnp3 at, who wrote on the 5/10/2000 19:46:

>> I have to say, whether one sees this as a revolution or a
>> counterrevolution, I have this strong, slightly depressing feeling that,
>> somewhere in the centre of Belgrade today, the last piece of the 20th
>> Century died.
> Assuming it is victorious, it will have the same impact that Yeltsin's
> defeat of Gorbachev had in the Soviet Union and based on the same
> constellation of political, economic and social forces blowing wind in its
> sails.

 It is victorious. Milosevic is probably now in Moscow. But perhaps an
interesting line of argument - one, I hasten to add, I do not subscribe to -
is that we have just seen the final victory of the 19th Century over the
20th. It is one I would like to see experimented with and developed.

 And yes, the bourgeois media here have been hailing "the collapse of the
last communist regime in Europe". That before they discuss Milosevic's
business interests, such as his young businessman son's perfume shop being


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