Milosevic is fucked....

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Oct 5 16:02:40 MDT 2000

> It is victorious. Milosevic is probably now in Moscow. But perhaps an
>interesting line of argument - one, I hasten to add, I do not subscribe to -
>is that we have just seen the final victory of the 19th Century over the
>20th. It is one I would like to see experimented with and developed.

Go ahead. Just keep in mind that there is a 100,000 byte limit to posts
although Les is probably going to downsize this soon after getting Mr.
Phillips posting of a 50,000 byte digest accompanied by a 20 byte query.

> And yes, the bourgeois media here have been hailing "the collapse of the
>last communist regime in Europe". That before they discuss Milosevic's
>business interests, such as his young businessman son's perfume shop being
> Owen

Yeah, this was the same thing that they said around the time the
Sandinistas got voted out. They talked about getting rid of a Cuban type
threat out of one corner of their mouth in order to mollify the ultraright,
while out of the other corner they went on and on about Sandinista
millionaires in order to disorient the liberals in the US who read
publications like the Village Voice and the Nation. One of the reasons it
has been easier to attack Yugoslavia along these lines is that we have had
a Democrat in office, which traditionally gets the support of such
publications. My guess is that if Dole had been president instead of
Clinton, you would have gotten Jared Israel type reporting in the
left-liberal press.

Louis Proyect
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