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Thu Oct 5 16:13:10 MDT 2000

Reply to Carrol Cox, at cbcox at, who wrote on the 5/10/2000 20:33:

> Marxism for you as for Owen Jones seems to
> be a religion rather than an ongoing and collective process -- and your
> judgment of other marxists resembles xtian contests over the Trinity.

 Excuse me Carrol, this coming from the humourless puritan who just the
other week denounced irony as a bourgeois vice? It is why I renounced
Trotskyism as such, and why I do not adhere to or give any credit to Maoism
with its deity Chairman Mao in the manner in which you do. The deep problem
I have with you, other than lack of humour and excess puritanism, is a
complete abandonment of any class perspective, of the substitution of this
or that regime or peasant guerrilla group for the working class. And a
vulgar pseudo-"anti-imperialism" dialectics which boils down to having
position 1 where the imperialists have a 0.

 What should I do? Join the eclectic bunch who believe somehow that one can
pick and mix strands that developed out of Marxism, such as Trotskyism and

 You're a great guy Carrol with no doubt a lot of experience under your
belt, but understandably you, as well as many other comrades in the
revolutionary movement who have suffered defeat after defeat in this deeply
reactionary epoch, seem to abandon a class perspective and engage in a
bizarre substitutionism which somehow expresses itself extraordinarily
dogmatically. I am not sure if you are isolated these days from the workers'
movement, but I speak as somebody active within it in a completely different
epoch to those that you yourself participated, and frankly you lot [your
generation of revolutionaries] have left us a right mess to clear up.
Perhaps you should write us off less.

 Owen, The High Priest

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