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Thu Oct 5 16:55:56 MDT 2000

Dear Owen,

I am glad that you feel that "the 20th. Century" is breaking down in Belgrade
today. That´s a good beginning. But centuries are just a matter of

By "20th. Century" we are metaphorically referring to the long war between
forces of bourgeois reaction and the forces of socialist revolution that
opened up with October, 1917. What we are watching in Yugoslavia is,
the last act of the drama that unfolded from 1939 onwards, the march of
anti-Communist West on Eastern Europe, a march that had to change manners in
1945 but was relentless and knew of no dismay.

What in fact is breaking down in Yugoslavia these days is the thread of
revolutions that began in England, 1648. I am sure that you feel _this_ in
your bones: the Century that is dying now was the century of the first
worldwide confrontation of mass revolution against bourgeois and imperialist
rule. It seems that the latter is superseding the former in your Continent.
Follow the advice of your young bones, because on these situations, they are
smarter than the brain.

We are facing a new Vienna Settlement, after we faced a new Holy Alliance
against Irak. If Milosevic is, as you say, fucked off, then we shall witness
the darkest of times falling on Europe. But, as the old Spanish poem goes,
"los muertos que vos matáis gozan de buena salud" (those dead that you are
killing are in good health indeed, Sire).

We shall overcome. We can wait. If our enemies don´t turn this planet into a
Dantesque inferno due to ecological disaster, which is of course an open
possibility, then we shall have time to see them destroying not only
Milosevic, an anecdote in our history, but the very foundations of humanity.

In that process, they will give us the force that now we seem to lack.

Lic. Néstor M. Gorojovsky
Dirección de Estadísticas del Sector Primario
Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censos

Louis Proyect
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