U.S. Instigated Mob Attempts a Coup Against Democracy in Yugoslavia

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U.S. Instigated Mob Attempts a Coup Against Democracy in Yugoslavia

by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky
Jared Israel (editor, Emperor's Clothes)
Prof. Peter Maher
Nico Varkevisser
Karen Talbot (Covert Action Quarterly)

[Emperor's Clothes]

Despite the statement that "Milosevich is a dictator", repeated by the
Western mass media like a mantra, Yugoslavia is a parliamentary democracy.
That is the plain, simple truth. The Yugoslav government is able to govern
because it has a parliamentary majority. In the last election the government
increased its parliamentary strength.

Today, mobs brought to Belgrade by the democratic opposition parties (DOS)
attacked the Parliament building, burning part of it. They sacked and looted
the Socialist Party headquarters. They destroyed the Serbian Television
station, RTS, the same station that NATO bombed last year. And they attacked
ordinary citizens.

The burning of parliament and the sacking of Belgrade property along with
attacks and threats against citizens who don't support the opposition,
confirm our worst fears. The violent measures we have witnessed this week,
the presence of a violent mob, brought into Belgrade, coupled with copious
bribes for those who switch sides to DOS - these are intended to destroy the
legal framework of Yugoslavia. The goal is to install a US-controlled
government in power. No wonder Secretary of State Albright is cheering. These
are her kind of democrats.

DOS, and its handlers in Washington and Bonn, were never interested in
electing Mr. Kostunica President. That's why the Western and Yugoslav
"independent" media started charging that Milosevich would "surely" steal the
election weeks before elections took place. In other words, for DOS and the
West, the crucial thing was not to win, but to cry "Fraud!" and then stage

If DOS simply wanted to win the Presidency, why didn't they embrace the
runoffs? After all, Kostunica had a 10% lead. One reason DOS didn't want to
participate is that they were worried about the 40% of the electorate that
abstained in round one. Most of thse people are nationalists, firmly opposed
to NATO. Under no circumstances would they vote for DOS which they see as
connected to NATO. So Kostunica could well lose a runoff election.

But this was not the main reason DOS boycotted the runoffs. Their main
concern was that the Yugoslav President has no power unless he is backed by a
parliamentary majority. DOS lost the Parliamentary elections. Absent terror
and massive bribery, the DOS forces in parliament are a minority. The goal of
DOS, as planned in Washington and Bonn, was not to defeat Milosevich for
President. It was to overthrow the democratic will of the Yugoslav people -
to destroy the entire parliamentary system.

We have documented NATO's close ties with DOS. Indeed, NATO has demonstrated
these ties in many ways, not least of all by the US government flooding
Yugoslavia with millions of dollars in bribe money. Without that money DOS
would be a cipher.

The U.S. government plans to apply the most severe economic shock treatment
to Yugoslavia. This has been openly admitted by Mr. Dinkic, the chief
economist for DOS:

"'We are thinking of adopting... a shock therapy in some areas, and mild and
gradual reforms in others,' Dinkic told Beta." Beta news agency, Belgrade, in
Serbo-Croat 1828 gmt 26 Sep 00 posted by BBX Oct. 5, 2000)

The shock therapy approach was spelled out in law HR1064, passed by the US
House of Representatives a day after the elections. This law granted an
additional 105 million to be shared between the pro-NATO government of
Montenegro ($55 million US) and the leaders of the DOS ($50 million.)
Meanwhile money is pouring into the coffers of DOS,

"sometimes in direct aid, sometimes in indirect aid like computers and
broadcasting equipment, and sometimes in suitcases of cash carried across the
border between Yugoslavia and Hungary or Serbia and Montenegro." ('NY Times

HR 1064 also ordered the most draconian economic and political "reforms" for
Yugoslavia. It ordered the breakup of Serbia into separate mini-states. It
ordered the imposition of complete "democratization", that is, the adoption
of all measures demanded by the US. It ordered Yugoslav forces to hunt down
anyone NATO decides to accuse of war crimes.

The violent economic "adjustment" and political destruction mandated by
HR1064 and outlined in the DOS' own program are an attempt to crush
Yugoslavia as a force capable of resisting US domination of the Balkans.
Instead, Yugoslavia is to be turned into an impoverished territory, a colony.

These measures cannot be implemented unless NATO has full control of the
Yugoslav government including the army and police. The other alternative,
invading a Yugoslavia run by a hostile government, is politically unfeasible
for NATO .

Therefore the DOS has used the charge of "election fraud," endlessly repeated
but never accompanied by evidence, as an excuse to boycott the runoffs. In
contrast, nothing is said about the fraud involved in the US financing of
every aspect of DOS activity. The import of vast quantities of US bribe money
is an attack on Yugoslav sovereignty no less than last year's bombing
campaign. Using the veneer of protesting election fraud, the "democrats" are
mobilizing all possible forces in an attempt to seize power by force. These
include pro-fascist Croatians and pro-KLA Albanians who are the hard core
supporters of the pro-NATO Djukanovic government in Montenegro, they include
, secessionists from the Serbian province of Vojvodina and southern Serbia,
young people who have never worked and who are being fed trickles of cash
from the several hundred million dollars the US has pumped into opposition
hands, people coerced by superiors at work or by school headmasters to
demonstrate, people bribed by a taste of the vast sums of money the US has
pumped into Yugoslavia especially in the past two weeks, and people who have
been fooled by the massive, US funded campaign, by "independent" media,
public relations firms and election pollsters, into believing that their
falling living standards, caused by sanctions just as severe as those imposed
on Iraq, are the "fault of one man - Milosevich" and that the US-backed
opposition will bring prosperity. In fact they would bring the prosperity of
the grave.

Because the truth is that countries like Bulgaria and Russia which have
swallowed the "democratic " bait are far poorer than Yugoslavia - even though
they are not suffering from sanctions. and were not yet bombed

The scenario is much like what occurred in Chile in 1973.. There was the same
sort of disruption of transportation and essential services including
electricity. There was the same effort to create the appearance of a majority
movement against Chilean Pres. Allende.. Events were staged which a captive
media misdescribed as popular protest, giving ordinary people the impression
that Allende was about to fall. At the same time, the CIA-directed plan
deprived the people of basic necessities, causing real unrest. In Yugoslavia,
the disruption of the supply of essential commodities started before the
election with a US-instigated rise in the price of bread

Under cover of disruption and "popular protest" the CIA overthrew President
Salvador Allende and installed a pro-US military junta headed by General
Augusto Pinochet.

The strikes which crippled transport and food distribution in Chile were
funded by the CIA. The same is being attempted right now in Yugoslavia. Vast
sums of US tax payers money has been poured into opposition coffers in
Serbia. We know of $182 million. But this is only what is officially
admitted. What about CIA money, which the New York Times says is going into
Serbia "in suitcases full of cash"? What about money from the Soros
Foundation and other CIA-connected "charities"? This money is being used to
finance the miners' strike and to lure young people into the Western-created
group Otpor by giving them money and trinkets, like cellular phones. .

Of course, many Yugoslav people are disgruntled. One striking miner told the
'NY Times': "I used to make $1500 a month. Now I make $80." Why wouldn't he
be disgruntled? But who is to blame? The 'independent' media in Yugoslavia,
funded by the US government, blame the government that is resisting US

This is nonsense.

The problem started in 1989. At that time a World Bank plan was put into
effect in Yugoslavia. It was overseen by Veselin Vukotic, presently a leading
member of G-17, a DOS group. This plan liquidated over a thousand Yugoslav
business, devastating the economy. Further harm was done by the wars of
secession and economic sanctions, imposed on Yugoslavia by the U.S. and
German governments.

The Yugoslav government is routinely accused of being dictatorial. But it has
tolerated the organization and funding by the West of a web of Fifth Column
organizations and media in Yugoslavia. Millions of dollars have gone into
these "civil society" organizations. Funding is channeled through the
National Endowment for Democracy, Freedom House, the USIA, the CIA and the
Soros Foundation, among others. Thousands of Yugoslavs are on their payrolls.
An entire "alternate" media has been set up with the latest equipment and
high salaries. These organizations and mass media take advantage of the very
problems created by US and German policies to sow resentment towards those
who have resisted US and German policies.

The US effort to destroy Yugoslavia dates back at least as far as 1984. At
that time a U.S. National Security Decision Directive NSDD133 was issued.
Entitled "United States Policy Toward Yugoslavia," it was labeled "SECRET -
SENSITIVE". Recently it was declassified. It is a prescription for destroying
Yugoslavia as an economic and political entity.

Since the elections on 24 September, the Democratic opposition has met with
NATO officials in Sofia, Bulgaria. NATO Assistant Secretary General Paul
Klaiber was in Sofia and Bucharest for high level discussions on security
issues resulting from the elections. Barely reported in the media, an IMF
donors' conference was held behind closed doors, Two leading "democratic"
representatives presented their so-called "Letter of Intent", a plan for
imposing harsh economic measure on Yugoslavia, to their IMF and World Bank
leaders. And on the 4th of October, the Stability Pact for Southeastern
Europe was meeting under its so-called "Title III" which pertains to
"security issues." The elections and "transition" in Yugoslavia were on the
agenda. The press reports do not confirm that the two "democratic:
representatives stayed for these meetings. We suspect they did..

The ploy being employed now is to create chaos while dangling promises of
prosperity and an end to strife - if the DOS comes to power.

In order to create chaos, a variety of groups have been mobilized. Some are
children ignorant of politics and lured by money and adventure. Some are
secessionists from various parts of Yugoslavia. Some are fascists. Some are
former Communist Party functionaries, hoping to return to the life of leisure
they enjoyed before 1989. Some are under orders from their superiors or
powerful political bosses to participate in demonstrations. And some are
infiltrators from NATO armed forces, especially from Montenegro.

Chaos creation is directed at terrorizing Yugoslav loyalists and creating the
impression of popular revolt. We have received reports that early this week
DOS activists went around Belgrade, threatening to kill anyone who voted in
the Sunday runoff elections. Today we had the worst violence so far, which
ahs created a state of terror in Belgrade.

Meanwhile NATO war ships are in the Adriatic. British SAS special forces are
training paramilitary police in Montenegro to assassinate Yugoslav army
officers. Western 'aid' finances the training and the paramilitaries.

What we are witnessing is nothing less than an attempt to install a
fascist-like government in Yugoslavia, to remake Yugoslavia in the image of
Kosovo. Yugoslavia has stood up to the biggest bully in history, the US
government. Now it is time for all who oppose the creation of a US/German
dominated world empire to stand up for Yugoslavia.

[Emperor's Clothes]

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