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CC> Luko Willms wrote:
LW>>      There is one group outside of China which really did learn
LW>>      taking
LW>> power and maintaining it from Mao Tse Tung: the "Khmer Rouge" in
LW>> Kampuchea with Pol Pot at their had.
LW>>    I don't think that you recommend to learn like them.
CC> This is mere slander. You ought to write for the Black Book or
CC> perhaps put out pamphlets for the John Birch Society. If you can't
CC> think up a better
CC> slander of Mao than hauling in that utter irrelevancy the Khmer
CC> Rouge,

   Why do you think this is a slander of Mao TseDong? They were proud
over there in Beijing of those tough guys in Kampuchea, and they were
their main supporters, until the US and other imperialist powers
started to help the "Khmer Rouge". And I still remember those Mao-
Stalinists here in this country who proudly collected signatures and
money in support of "Democratic Kampuchea", i.e. the Pol Pot murder

   One more word to Luis Proyect: when I said that Trotsky's main
contribution to the proletarian revolution was his defense of Lenin's
legacy (and that of all the revolutionary workers movement) against
the stalinist counterrevolution, this kind of implied that the best
place to learn how to take power, according to Trotsky, is the October
revolution, and Lenin.

   Or for us, since we saw it in our lifetime, but Trotsky didn't (for
reasons that the followers of Mao and Stalin know very well about),
the only revolution after the Russian one with a proletarian
revolutionary leadership, i.e. the Cuban revolution and Fidel Castro.

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