Milosevic is fucked....

red-rebel red-rebel at
Fri Oct 6 00:37:44 MDT 2000

wen wrote ...
> > By the way, I noticed that in just about every frame of the coverage,
> >was a black flag flying high somewhere. Perhaps some hope. But I believe
> >that these are members of Andrej Grubabic's anarchist collective.

The only Black-Flag I saw on display was the one with the Skull and
Crossbones used by the most fascist wing of the Chetniks. Indeed, the last
time I saw that flag was in the mid-nineties where it was shown being
displayed by a heavily armed chetnik death-squad giving fascist salutes in
Bosnia. The mag it was in was the nazi Combat-18 rag, "The Order".


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