Happy, Now?

Julio Pino jpino at SPAMkent.edu
Fri Oct 6 08:24:43 MDT 2000

>  I don't see any reason why anybody in Poland should be too fond of
>the Soviet Union or Russia in general.
JP; Its only a minor detail, but 600,000 Soviet soldiers gave their lives
to liberate Poland from the Nazis.

>  I don't know if Milosevic makes any pretense of being on the left,
>he only pretends to be a Serbian nationalist.
JP:Its only a minor detail, but Yugoslavia maintained friendly relations
with Cuba after 1989, while the other Eastern and Central European states
endorsed the US embargo.

So,with the working class back in power in Yugoslavia, according to you,
then you should be very happy this morning.
Comradely, Julio Cesar

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