Barnesites suing MIA

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Oct 6 07:03:27 MDT 2000

>Exactly what it says. Pathfinder Press is threatening to sue the
>Marxists' Internet Archive and demanding that we remove certain of
>Trotsky's works from our archive.
>We are considering our response at the moment.
>Einde O'Callaghan
>German Director, Marxists' Internet Archive

The SWP should be summoned to the court of working-class and socialist
opinion world-wide on this. James P. Cannon, the founder of the SWP, came
from the turn of the century radical movement that placed the highest
premium on free speech. IWW members would chain themselves to a lightpole
and give revolutionary speeches until the cops broke the chains and hauled
them off to jail. That is what the MEIA should do metaphorically speaking.

I have told an old friend, who was at one time a top leader of the SWP and
is still sympathetic, that it is a fucking shame that they don't take all
of the Pathfinder catalog, and MOST ESPECIALLY the Speeches of Malcolm X,
and put them on a website. What they lose in revenue, they will gain in
sympathizers. But obviously they are more interested in revenue than
growth. This is why Pathfinder Press does commercial work, I would add.
Highly skilled but low paid party workers spells high profits.

This is a bizarre sect-cult that is generally easy to ignore, but to even
hint at the possibility of suing MEIA to remove the works of Trotsky from
their website is COUNTER-REVOLUTIONARY. Although I have no use for
Trotskyism, I continue to read and think about Trotsky's writings all the
time. In fact my own writings on Marxism and the American Indian rely
heavily on Trotsky's theory of combined and uneven development. If a
political campaign is launched to beat back this legal threat, I will make
myself available to it. And I would draw upon the considerable resources of
this powerful and committed mailing list of 290 Marxists worldwide to make
it successful.

Louis Proyect
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