A Serb striker speaks out

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LW>>    You have to start with the fact that the stalinist repression
LW>> against the working class presented itself als "communism". And if
LW>> that is "communism", I can't but join the workers to fight these
LW>> "communist" usurpators.
MS> Wow. So "Stalinism" is worse than Imperialism?

   I'm at odds to understand what my above sentence has to do with the
relationship between stalinism and imperialism, so I don't understand
the reason for such a comment.

   But it should be clear that stalinism and imperialism are not
points on some linear Richter scale of "badness", but that both
describe social relations among human beings.

   And certainly it can be said that stalinism is the main prop of
imperialism in the past seven decades, serving as a kind of
bonapartist transmission belt of the worst elements of bourgois
"culture" into the working class, giving a lease of life to

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