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David Walters wrote:

> Xxxx,
>  Thank you for your e-mail and support. We are still working out our
> tactical approach on this. Clearly this is an attack by the SWP on free
> speech. This is not the first time the SWP has done this, having attacked
> a black nationalist group in Chicago 10 years or so ago for reprinting
> some works by Malcolm X. Eventually, after Betty Shaabaz, the widow of
> Malcolm X, broke with the SWP, they capitulated.
> We will take a slow, measured legal response to this. First, we
> understand that some of these works are in fact copyrighted. We've always
> stated that if contacted, we will remove any works that anyone can prove
> is copyrighted. About a year ago, Monthly Review, through their editor,
> sent us a very friendly letter about the placement of Albert Einsten's
> "Why Socialism" on our Albert Einsten Reference Archive that the MIA
> maintains. We worked it out with them. Very friendly. Of course they sent
> us a "political" letter, not the bourgeois legal hacks of a NY law firm.
> Sometimes "how" one askes is more important than the content of the
> question.
> Anyway, politically, we've received responses from people outside the US
> that for everywork banned by Pathfinder from the MIA, they will place on
> THEIR webs sites these offending works. Theoretically Pathfinder's
> actions will cause the spread far and wide of every one their
> "copyrighted" material, far more than the Marxists Internet Archive ever
> could. One group in France even offered to start a "Banned by Pathfinder"
> web site! So, eventually, Pathfinder is going to shoot themselves in the
> foot over this. All this, of course, is beyond our control....
> We will inform you and the marxism mailing list of any devepments and of
> course, a political counter-attack in what is eventually going to be
> known as the "Free Leon Trotsky Campaign" [from the dungeons of 410 West
> Street]. Please forward this to Louis and the list.... I've attached
> below the list of "offending works" for the list readers. It is not a big
> list and only LT on China is a 'big work".
> --David Walters,
> Director, Leon Trotsky Internet Archive
> List of Works Infringed By Posting On MIA Sites
> 1.      Founding of the Socialist Workers Party
> 2.      Introduction to the Logic of Marxism
> 3.      Leon Trotsky on China
> 4.      Trotsky, "Why Marxists Oppose Individual Terrorism," taken from
> Marxism v. Terrorism
> 5.      Trotsky, "On the Events in Dublin," taken from New International No. 1
> 6.      Trotsky, "Platform ofthe Opposition," taken from The cha1lenne of Left
> Opposition 1927-28
> 7.      Trotsky, "How did Stalin Defeat the Opposition," taken from Writings
> of Leon Trotsky
> 1935-36
> 8.      Trotsky, "Trotsky in Norway," taken from Writings of Leon Trots~
> 1936-37
> 9.      Trotsky, "Before the Decision"; Trotsky, "The German Puzzle"; Trotsky,
> "The Turn in Communist International and the Situation in Germany," taken
> from Struggle A2ainst Fascism in Germany
> 10.     Novack, "Empirism and Pragmatism," taken from Empiricism and Its
> Evolution
> 11.     Reed, "The Challenge of the Matriarchy," taken from Sexism and Science
> David Walters,
> Director, Trotsky Internet Archive, MIA
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> http://www.trotsky.org
> http://www.marxists.org/archive/trotsky
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> -- From time to time its attention wearied and its vigilance slackened,
> now here, now there. Sometimes a reckless train would break through the
> strike barrier: then the strike would set off in pursuit of it. The
> guilty train, like a criminal on the run, raced through dark and empty
> stations, unannounced by the telegraph, leaving a wake of fear and
> uncertainty behind it. But in the end the strike would catch up with the
> train, stop the engine, immobilize the driver, let off the steam.--
> >From Leon Trotsky's 1905

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