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En relación a Forwarded from Anthony (reply to Gyan),
el 4 Oct 00, a las 22:00, Louis Proyect dijo:

> Hi Lou:
> I would like to respond to Gyan's question posted last week,
> "1)Why "ism" after name of Trotsky? What contribution of Trotsky to
> Marxist theory/practice like Lenin and Mao?"
> I think Lou's response was inadequate. It could be paraphrased:
> "permanent revolution, transitional program, Leninist party - but the
> followers of Trotsky pretty much misunderstood it all, and fucked up
> the rest.

Save for a few details and a very understandable overemphasis, which
I think should not be commented now, I share Anthony's answer to the
question posed by Gyan.

As to Anthony's posting, I do particularly agree with his closing
remark. "every Trotskyist who dared go against the tide of 20th
century political reaction deserves respect", even though not
everybody who called her or himself "Trotskyist" actually went
against that tide.

BTW, I find that he has answered the questions Gyan directed to
myself, so that since I have long ago passed the age when I took
endless quarrels on pointless "theoretical" issues as a must for a
revolutionary, I am very glad to propose Gyan to read Anthony's
comments on those points and put my time to more fruitful work. I
honestly find it more important to concretely put theories to action
in everyday politics than debating whether the "theory of stages" and
the "theory of permanent revolution" should set a blueprint for us in
the Third World.

Gyan wants to find a difference in the wordings of Lenin as to those
of Trotsky, which is as easy as futile (two different people, with
independent ideas, they cannot repeat mantras). But the Bolshevik
leadership WAS stunned by Lenin's propositions, the course of party
action WAS changed in the same way that Trotsky was proposing, and
the Bolsheviks, a minority party in a backward and overwhelmingly
peasant country, DID GO for power in the hope that they would set the
globe aflame. They did not wait for one stage to finish and the
second one to begin. They left that to Martov and Plekhanov.

They _acted_ in agreement with Trotsky's views.

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