Barnesites Suing MIA

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Fri Oct 6 08:48:10 MDT 2000

I find this action by the US SWP utterly contemptible. Perhaps MIA can
"retaliate" by adding Cannon's "Don't Strangle the Party" to the collection?

The best course would be to get a copy of Trotsky's will and any other
papers he wrote concering the dispensation of his literary works.
(Wasn't Shachtman his literary executor?) I'm confident that the Old Man
would have made statements that clearly commit his works to the public
domain which might be used even against the SWP's claim to hold the
copyright to works in translation. Would such records be at the Harvard
archives? They'd certainly be in the possession of the SWP in which case
you'd have to pursue the legal route of discovery.

Has a legal defence fund been set up yet? Have you sought endorsement
from leftists and Marxist parties? Considering the number of parties
that actively use the MIA as an educational resource I'm confident you
could get a wide number of organizations willing to add their support.
I, for one, think there should be a major campaign against this. We all
know that Trotsky would be utterly revolted by this attempt by the SWP
to limit the availability of his writings.

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