Russian Revolution in context (was Re: On Trotskyism, and why I am not a "Trotskyist")

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En relación a On Trotskyism, and why I am not a "Trotskyist",
el 6 Oct 00, a las 2:46, Jose G. Perez dijo:
>     I think Nestor is right to place the Russian Revolution in the
>     context
> of the great sweep of revolutions called forth by the development of
> capitalism in Europe, and the events now going on in Belgrade as quite
> likely their closing chapter.

I am fully responsible for the second part of the consideration
(Belgrade), but not for the first one. In fact, a great deal of
Deutscher's work turns around that idea, and the same can be said of
part of Carr's.  And, Lenin and Trotsky themselves were the first to
think and feel that way: Trotsky comments on his autobiography that
the post of "People's commissar" was named after the "commisaires" of
the French Revolution...

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