The American SWP and the Marx-Engels Internet Archives

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    Are you quite sure this is not a *provocation* by some right-wingers or
the cops?

    It seems to me *inconceivable* that EVEN the SWP as it is today could
approach others on the left in this way, essentially, threatening to take
them to the bourgeois courts.

    It is such a violation of the basic principles and modus operandi of the
working class movement that it is hard to imagine, although I guess there
is, sadly, plenty of precedent.

    Even if the SWP believed that you were violating its rights, going
through some lawyer instead of contacting you directly seems bizarre.

    I can, of course, perfectly well imagine the SWP being so utterly,
completely LOST IN SPACE, so totally clueless, as to NOT realize that the
availability of Trotsky online will only help spur sales of their books.

    If they had any sense at all about what is going on around them, they
would instead have approached you to post at least other excerpts on line,
in exchange for a plug for the complete books.

    Moreover, the demand for financial records about the CD sales (like, the
names and addresses of buyers) seems so transparently cop-like, and so much
like the kind of thing the SWP still fights against occassionally with their
election campaigns, that this does seem extremely implausible.

    Then again, if you'd told me the SWP was going to block with the Miami
Mafia and the ultraright in denouncing the INS raid that freed Elián
González, I would have had a very hard time believing that, too.

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