Why the Western Left Failed to Defend Yugoslavia (was Re: Economic revolutions)

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Fri Oct 6 13:37:47 MDT 2000

 On Fri, 06 October 2000, Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:

 >The Western Left, alas, failed to see the nature &
 >significance of this defensive battle.

 Mr. Yoshie have good point here. But one more point I
 say. Western left go away from dialectic thinking,
 go away from analysis of contradiction. In sad case
 of Yugoslovia, contradiction between western
 imperilism  and small country who try to be
 independent. Some  western leftist confuse about
 nature of contradiction  in this case. Because they
 go away from clasical  marxism, away from Marx,
 Lenin and Mao. That is why  they curse Milosvic
 (like they curse Stalin)instead of Mr. Clinton
 and  Mr. Blair. They do not see who real and big
 enemy is of people of world. Also  because of
 Russia, China and East Europe setback, they do not
 understand reason for this. But there is  reason.
 Yugosolvia now become colony of west. But world
 people will learn as imperilism become more and more
 expose. Which will lead to end of imperilism in end.


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