Barnesites Suing MIA

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AL> The best course would be to get a copy of Trotsky's will and any
AL> other papers he wrote concering the dispensation of his literary
AL> works. (Wasn't Shachtman his literary executor?) I'm confident that
AL> the Old Man would have made statements that clearly commit his works
AL> to the public domain

   No, the literary rights were owned by Marguerite Bonnet, Paris, and
passed to her husband after her recent death. I don't know the name of
that man.
   Like Marx, Trotsky was dependent on the revenues from his books and
didn't give the rights away. Copyright protects them until 2010 (70
years after the death of the author). Translations are protected until
70 years after the death of the translator. This would apply to any
translation into English.

   By stating these facts, I do not make a statement about the
political wiseness of the action by Pathfinder Press.

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