Languages and Revolution

Julio Pino jpino at
Sat Oct 7 09:15:52 MDT 2000

Macdonald:I'm reminded by what you wrote of a saying the Jews used to have:
Yiddish is the only major language spoken by a people who never attained
state-power.Of, course the Kurds or Basques might say the same thing, but
the point is well taken.We have to use the language of the empire, but
preserve and spread other languages to undermine the empire.Yesterday I
spoke to an Arab brother in East Jerusalem. He was crying over the phone as
the bodies of Palestinian children were being carried into the hospital
where he works. We spoke in English, but I am learning Arabic, at least
phonetically, VERY SLOWLY.
Julio Cesar

A Because English is the language of reform, the language of
>commerce. Multi-lingual is the language(s) of the  remnants of socialism.

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