Serbia: revolution and counterrevolution

Julio Pino jpino at
Sat Oct 7 10:13:52 MDT 2000

 Supposed the French Communist
>party and the National Front formed an alliance, both having anti-NATO
>credentials by the way (should we applaud the French fascists'
>internationalist opposition to NATO?
Julio Cesar: Yes.
 In the case of Iraq, one day we would condemn the proxy
>Saddam Hussein and the next we would praise his anti-imperialist warrior
JC: Yes.Saddam leads a "rogue-state" on Washington's hit list, and right
now we on the left must defend him. Tomorrow the workers of Iraq will deal
with him, but not before they've smashed the embargo and shot down some
allied planes.

> Milosevic's faction restored capitalism in Yugoslavia, albeit at a slower
>pace due to the strength of the working class there which was particularly
>resistant to the IMF packages.
JC: Aye. There's the rub. Yugoslavia is a perfect example(and as far as I
know the only) of Trotsky's famous quip about "running the film of
reformism backwards." Slobo was dedicated to restoring capitalism, but
could not do so for the reasons you mention. The socialized part of the
economy had to be preserved from the IMF, even if it was run by
gangsters.The "Socialist Party" of Milo was (is?)no such thing, but at
least it talked the talk, and has a symbolic link to Tito the opposition
does not. For example, the SP and the United Left both stretched their
hands out to the Cuban CP, giving Fidel airtime on Serbian TV(before it as
bombed), not exactly a gesture I expect from Kustinica. And, to return to
an earlier item, Yugoslavia and Iraq co-operated militarily, to the
detriment of US imperialism.

> I'd be organising a working class demo composed of working class militants,
>not calling for that despised Mafia thug dictator to come back, but rather
>for working class revolution and all power to the strike committees. Such a
>demo would try to attract as many people from the crowds as possible away
>from the support of Kostunica and other reactionary bourgeois leaders.

JC: I'd suspect you would find yourself very lonely in Belgrade.



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