On Anti-imperialist Aliiances

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JP> Yes, and Haile Selassie kept slaves and the left still supported him
JP> against Mussolini, and Jiang Kai Chek had slaughtered thousands of
JP> Communists and Mao still blocked with him against the Japanese.So, to
JP> paraphrase Churchill, if Slobo was the Devil, and bent on restoring
JP> capitalism, I'd still take a favorable position towards him, so long
JP> as he fought NATO.

   I agree with this. That is why I wrote that the task of the day is
to call for the complete lifting of all sanctions, withdrawing all the
foreign troops form Kosovo etc (emphasis added).

   The EU is scheduled to discuss lifting sanctions on Monday. But the
word goes already that they will not lift _all_ sanctions, but only
_some._ The US-government is threatening the new Belgrade government
that Milosevic should not have the right to continue as president of
his party. They are not happy that Kostunica refuses to extradite
Milosevic to the Den Haag tribunal. Are you ready for the "anti-
imperialist alliance" with Kostunica to fight against this pressure?

   What you describe above, means: side with the oppressed nation, or
with the workers state, against its oppressor, against imperialism.

   Milosevic has not been deposed by the US marine corps, but by a
popular rebellion of the people of Serbia, with workers from big
factories playing a decisive part. Accusing them of being drunk, or
destroying buildings, or looting is joining in with all those ruling
class ideologues who despise of the working masses; you will see no
revolution which is well mannered like an Eton college or Harvard

   While I have no qualms to fight alongside with, say Jiang Kai Chek
or gangsters like Milosevic against imperialism, I have no interest to
meddle in their infights among the gangsters themselves. I don't see
any fundamental difference in the policies of Kostunica and Milosevic,
except that I'm quite certain that the latter is far more advanced in
the privatization, especially in his own pockets.

   That is why people should now concentrate not on slandering the
rebellious masses of Serbia, but on a fight against all forms of
intervention by imperialism. Also empty sloganeering about "Socialist
Federation of the Balkans", "Workers Councils!" etc is not at all
helpful today. The one slogan which sums it all up is:

   Hands off Yugoslavia!

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