A Serb striker speaks out

Owen Jones owen_jones at SPAMcwcom.net
Sat Oct 7 09:51:42 MDT 2000

Reply to Louis Proyect, at lnp3 at panix.com, who wrote on the 7/10/2000 15:50:

>> I'd be organising a working class demo composed of working class militants,
>> not calling for that despised Mafia thug dictator to come back, but rather
>> for working class revolution and all power to the strike committees.
> This sounds like a great idea. I myself would organize a general strike in
> the United States and create workers defense guards, and free all political
> prisoners.

 Oh very clever. Except I did not make these strike committees out of thin
air, because they have sprung up across the country, and have taken control
of the main mine. To call for these to form the basis of a new state is
hardly utopian. Of course in the absence of revolutionary leadership, even
an insurgent working class will not take it much closer to seizing power.
But frankly Russia in February 1917 didn't have much revolutionary
leadership either.


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