Fw [GLW]: Some movement-building lessons from S11

Henry C.K. Liu hliu at SPAMmindspring.com
Sun Oct 8 09:23:45 MDT 2000


Alan Bradley wrote:

> 2. It takes all sorts to make a revolution
> 3. Diversity can be unified

Absolutely.  Mao's strategy was to be as inclusive as possible at the
pre-revoultionary statge and unite all those who can be united after the
revolution.  In my opinion, one of the greatest weakness and erros of the
global left has been that various factions are more antagonistics toward others
on the left that they are towards the right.  This is submit is a psychological
compenstation of their lack of power, thus ideological purity becomes their
sole self comforting justification.  

> 6. Democracy is the only effective unifier

WE should clarify that its is participatory democracy that counts, not
"democracy" as the term is bantered about by Western liberals.

> 9. There is an alternative

More than one.  But now is not the time to argue about alternatives.  The first
task is to kill the virus, lest we be sidetrracted to merely stopping the
headache rather than curing the disease.

At this stage, all social protects are progressive.  The task is not just to
make capitalism more human, but to use its inhumaneness to destroy it.

Henry C.K. Liu

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