IDF on the move, settlers rampage

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Sat Oct 7 22:03:49 MDT 2000

The Israeli's could be preparing for another wave of ethnic cleansing.


Latest Developments No. 18 - Sunday 8 October 2000,Web posted 3:30am
(GMT+2), Ramallah, West Bank

Tanks, heavy artillery, helicopters, have been deployed around all
Palestinian cities in Gaza. Bulldozers have demolished portions of the
streets near Netzarim for a military base. In Al Zahra neighborhood in Gaza
under Palestinian Authority control, Israeli troops have taken over the
area. The area is a new neighborhood built primarily to house Palestinian
returnees. In the past few hours, Israeli settlers have taken to the streets
and are attacking Palestinians throughout the West Bank, Gaza and 1948

Settlers have been burning shops, trees, beating Palestinians and shooting
at houses in and around the village of Bidya. Fahed Mustafa Baker, from
Bidya, near Nablus was shot with live ammunition in the head. An ambulance
tried to reach him, but Israeli settlers shot at the ambulance and prevented
entry into the area where he was injured along with four other Palestinians.

Coordination to get another ambulance to the area took over an hour, by
which time Fahed had bled to death. Within the village of Salfit and its
surrounding area, electricity has been cut off, settlers, along with Israeli
soldiers, are attacking the villages. The villages are completely isolated
from one another and no information is being received about the situation.
Residents are gathering in the streets. In Sourif village, near Nablus,
Israeli settlers entered the village and have been shooting live ammunition
at civilians. At least 3 Palestinians are in critical condition. The Israeli
Military Commander for the Ramallah area reported on Israeli news tonight
that all people in the area of Pisgot settlement on Jabal Al Taweel should
evacuate their homes. Israeli tanks have been deployed along the settlement.
In Ramallah, electrical lines were briefly cut off. Sounds of gunfire can be
 heard in Ramallah. No further information available at this time. In
Hossan, near Bethlehem, Israeli settlers attacked the village, burning trees
and shooting at houses.

At Gilo Settlement, near Beit Jala in the Bethlehem area, Israeli tanks and
heavy artillery have been deployed. The settlement is close enough to the
village of Beit Jala that residents are able to see that the artillery is
aimed directly at the village.

Thousands of settlers have taken to the streets in the Jerusalem
neighborhoods of Shufat, Al Azeriyeh, Anata, Sheik Jarrah in East Jerusalem,
smashing cars and shooting at civilians. Recent reports state that Israeli
settlers are attempting to break into the Orient House in East Jerusalem.
The Israeli Authorities have announced that it has closed Gaza International
Airport. No planes will be allowed to land or take off from the airport.

In the 1948 areas, Israelis in Nazareth have attacked Palestinian residents,
trying to force them to evacuate their homes permanently.

In Tiberias, Israelis have burned down a mosque dating back several hundred
years. Israeli tanks, heavy artillery and thousands of soldiers have been
deployed along the Lebanese-Israeli border. The situation in the West Bank,
Gaza and within 1948 areas is extremely, extremely tense with extreme fears
of attacks within the night. Updates will continue as we receive information
through the early morning, as we are unable to leave the building at this

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