Redux: On Anti-imperialist Alliances

Julio Pino jpino at
Sun Oct 8 12:14:20 MDT 2000

 On Anti-imperialist Alliances
>JP> Yes, and Haile Selassie kept slaves and the left still supported him
>JP> against Mussolini, and Jiang Kai Chek had slaughtered thousands of
>JP> Communists and Mao still blocked with him against the Japanese.So, to
>JP> paraphrase Churchill, if Slobo was the Devil, and bent on restoring
>JP> capitalism, I'd still take a favorable position towards him, so long
>JP> as he fought NATO.
>   I agree with this. That is why I wrote that the task of the day is
>to call for the complete lifting of all sanctions, withdrawing all the
>foreign troops form Kosovo etc (emphasis added).

Dear Luko: I'm glad to see we are drawing closer together on Yugoslavia,
but I do not concurr that the struggle betweeen Slobo and Kustinica was
merely "one among gangsters" in which the left should not intervene. I will
condense an earlier post of mine, and simply remind the membrs of this list
that Milosevic(and the United Left), no matter how corrupt, still
represented a link to Yugoslavia's Titoist past(call it socialist or a
workers' state or whatever) and that legacy had to be defended against an
OPENLY pro-NATO politician, no matter how many workers followed him.
Julio Cesar

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