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Sun Oct 8 17:27:18 MDT 2000

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The killing of the Palestinian civilians continues. The Emergency rooms
at our
hospitals are still busy trying desperately to safe the lives of kids
with shuttered
heads, chests and limbs by live bullets, anti-tank bullets
and rockets. This is true and serious, it is not an interesting piece of

Our demonstrations are confronted by every kind of deadly weapon.  I've
came from work at the Emergency rooms in Nablus City in the West Bank.
The situation
is horrible and painful.  It is worse than a real war,
because in wars both sides have weapons to defend themselves. But here
we have
nothing to defend our families. We either forget about our occupied
land, or
get killed wildly, this is the Israeli code of civilization for this
But we choose to say NO. Because we believe that we have rights worth
and because we believe in you, our supporters all over the world.

Its time for you to help, as we desperately need you.

In Nablus today, a 9 years old boy taking part in a peaceful
demonstration approached
a strange object on the side of the street and picked it, minutes later
the kid
arrived at the hospital emergency room with his right hand shuttered and
thigh severely injured.

In Nablus today, Mohammad was shot in his thigh, as two of his friends
him to the ambulance both were shot, Musa  in his face, and Khaled in
his shoulder.
Musa went into deep coma as his jaw, tongue, and right side
of his head shuttered away.

The situation in Palestine is very bad and dangerous. People are being
and seriously injured every where. The Israeli army opens fire on every
Settlers close the roads and attack civilians in their cars and fields.
We are
not safe to go out side to seek medical care or food.

We are hopeless, we do not have weapons to launch painful attacks
against the
Israeli army.  We only have the stones of our lost land to throw, and we
our bare bodies to receive their bullets and rockets back.

This is our land, and we will continue to fight with all the means and
ways we
have against the occupying force. But we need your help, our brothers,
friends, supporters all over the world. At these horrible
days we critically need every kind of help you can do for the people of
 Whatever your place in the world, whatever your position and circle of
you are able to help.

We do not hate the Jews, but we love our land. And for our land, we will
endlessly. We will continue to throw stones at the merciless occupying
and when stones are over we will throw olive branches, and
when they are over we'll throw our dishes and forks, and when they are
over we'll
throw our bodies. It is OUR land, our fields, our trees, our homes, our
our springs, our sky and clouds.

Please write for Palestine, demonstrate, donate, and create awareness
among those
who know nothing about our suffering. Please we need you.

         Thameen Darby
         Medical Student - Rafedia Hospital - Nablus/Palestine - 10/06


At 1 am this morning, as people were finally going to
try to fall asleep, we got a phone call informing us
that settlers from a nearby settlement were on their
way to Abu-Dis. They were preparing to take revenge
for the murder of their head Rabbi (I can't remember
his exact details). Apparently they had already been
to al-'azariyeh (Abu-Dis's sister town); 200 armed
settlers had entered al-'azariyeh and invaded 20
homes, destroying everything in sight. Now they were
ready to move on to the next city.....

I am staying in a home with 4 girls, (the family sent
the only boy to Jordan for fear that they would lose
him), and as soon as they heard the news, the whole
family was in an uproar. "We have to go to Ammo's
(Uncle's) house. Apparently, their Ammo lived in a
house that was more elevated and harder for settlers
to get to. So in a mad rush, everyone grabbed a
sweater and a pair of slippers and ran to Ammo's
house. I was furious that we were running to hide.
They pushed us out in 1948 and again in 1967, no way
in hell were they going to do it again in 2000. But
here we were running to Ammo's house and as an
"Amrikiya" and a girl, I had little say in the matter.
Once there we stood on the balcony and listened to
Abu-Dis prepare to push the settlers back.

Cars went by with sirens calling on all of Abu-Dis's
male youth to come defend Abu-DIs, "Wake up youth of
Abu-Dis, wake up. The settlers are invading Abu-Dis"
Cars were going up and down the street to wake
everyone up and youth were running through the
streets. All the city's lights were on and preparing
for what was to come. Once at Ras Kubsa (the entrance
to the city), the men burned tires, wood, garbage,
everything...to block Ras-Kubsa. The fire ran at least
20 meters long and behind it they lined up their Ford
vans (used as taxis) and behind the fords Abu-Dis's
young men waited for the settlers....but they never
came, they say the fire scared them.

But that was last night....how can we defend ourselves
against settlers who are legally armed and not held
accountable for the murders they committ?


your palestinian sister,
noura - 10/08

                   THE MASSACRE: LATEST NEWS

    For the tenth consecutive day, the belligerent Israeli Occupation
Forces continue committing the massacre against Palestinian civilians.
These forces have heavily used assault helicopters, anti-tank missiles
and live ammunition. Until now, Sunday, 2:00 p.m., 78 Palestinians were
killed and at least over 2000 others wounded.

    It is worth mentioning that the Israeli soldiers continue to
concentrate on shooting at the upper parts of the demonstrators' bodies.

Till now 43% of the injured received bullets in the upper parts of their

bodies. 83% of the injuries were caused by life ammunition. The Israelis

continue to shoot at the medical staff while trying to provide first aid

to the injured.

AL-MEZAN Center for Human Rights
Jabalya Refugee Camp

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