Kostunica Gives Away The Store

Borba100 at SPAMaol.com Borba100 at SPAMaol.com
Sun Oct 8 21:25:50 MDT 2000

CNN reports that Serbian television is telaling the people that they will
have to "admit" to the (lies) about atrocities at Srebrenica and Kosovo to be
REALLY AND TRULY accepted into the International Community.  It would appear
that Kostunica has called for a referndum on independence for Mntenegro
(independence means no Yugoslavia means all the many billions of Yugo
property and frozen assets is gone and also means no Kosovo since UN
resilution 1244 was signed between YUGO not Serbia and the Un.  He also
apparently said he accepted the UN running Kosovo.

In one day and given;' away the store.

Now the debate we had over Chomsky's vioew (which is Kostunica's practice)
will be had all over Yugoslaiva.  Meanwhile the KLA just got caught buying 5
million worth of grenades in...Geneva, city of peace.

Kostunica has called for dissolving the Serbian parliament cause it "aint
democartic" (?)


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