Barnesites sue Marxist archive

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Sun Oct 8 17:22:54 MDT 2000

>>It is also hypocritical given the Barnesites much-vaunted adoration of
Cuba.  As I understand it, the Cubans do not maintain copyright and have
always rejected the idea that the speeches of Che, Fidel and stuff in Cuban
publications carries copyright.<<

There was a period in the 60s I think, when Cuba said it would abandon
copyright at least in educational materials, scientific textbooks and so on.
I'm not sure when or how the policy changed, but Cuba now certainly does
have a copyright law and Cuban publications are generally copyrighted. I
believe the Cuban leaders have generally not objected to the publication of
speeches and writings by major leaders of the revolution.


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I guess none of us who have watched the trajectory of the Barnesites over
the past 15 years will really be surprised at their resort to Park Avenue
lawyers to try to bully a voluntary Marxist information project, one which
inovles a range of people and benefits us all, into taking Trotsky off
their archive.

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