American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee

Saul Thomas stthomas at
Mon Oct 9 11:17:39 MDT 2000

At 19:09 00-10-8 -0400, you wrote:
>>There was a protest here in Kansas City reported to be about 75 persons. Only
>>one news team was there, and a quick look at the local Sunday paper showed no
>>mention. Have we heard from Detroit? Mat
>Speaking of Detroit, where's Charles Brown?

In Chicago:

On Monday, October 2, 1000 people rallied
On Thursday October 5, 250 mostly women and children held a vigil
On Friday October 6, 1000 people rallied

The vast majority of the demonstrators have been Palestinians and other
Arabs. Only a few other people have joined, including one or two tokens
from each of the major leftist parties.

Another demonstration is planned for 4pm today...

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