Why is Marx forgotten?

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Mon Oct 9 17:07:37 MDT 2000


I'm Gianni Rubagotti and I write in a little web/wapzine of philosophy, Neurasia
It's a long time I want to write an article about Marx because I think it's
forgotten by researchers. I think we have to know MArx also if we aren't marxist
because he is a thinker that has marked the last century and under the new
democracies of Eastern Europe (and in the left parties) we can see the traces of
this "imprinting".
In poor words, if we want to understand a great part of the world we have to
know Marx.

So I have an idea: I make to the list 2 questions and the answers of the people
(if they give their permission) could be part of the article on Neurasia.

The first question is:
Why is Marx forgotten?

Gianni Rubagotti

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