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Breaking News - 10 October 2000, Web posted 1:00 AM GMT+2
North America:

Throughout the West Bank and 1948 Palestinian areas, armed Israeli
settlers and Jewish residents are attacking neighborhoods, homes, cars
and individuals with rocks, clubs, live ammunition, rubber coated
steel bullets, chanting "Death to the Arabs". Eyewitnesses in
Jerusalem report that Israeli police threaten to shoot anyone who
tries to defend themselves from the attacks.  Attacks following the
same pattern have been reported thus far in the following areas:

In East Jerusalem,
Neve Yacoub
Nuseibeh Housing Project
Terra Santa Housing Project
Al 'Ezeriyeh
Bir Nabala
Al Ram
Beit Hanina

Israelis are attempting at this time to burn the Latin Patriarchate
Church in Beit Hanina.

In Hebron, Palestinian Security forces have announced that Israeli
attack helicopters are shooting down at Al Alia Hospital, in addition
to Palestinian neighborhoods throughout the Hebron area.  10s of
injuries have been reported thus far, including a 16-day-old baby who
was injured during helicopter attacks.  In Halhoul, reports state that
undercover Israeli units and settlers are shooting at Palestinians and
their homes.

The majority of Palestinian villages located near Israeli settlements
throughout the West Bank report that main roads leading to the
villages are being closed of by Israeli settlers.  The settlers are
throwing stones at Palestinian cars and attacking anyone who tries to
get out of their car.  These villages are under full Israeli control,
with no Palestinian Authority jurisdiction.

In Khan Younis, Gaza, Palestinian homes were shot at from the
direction of nearby Israeli military outposts.

In the 1948 Palestinian areas, similar attacks are taking place
against Palestinians in:

Wadi Arra
Kfar Yuna
Hadar Yousef
Bat Yan
Qaryat Nin
Jaffa (Israelis have burnt down a local mosque)

In Dimona, at least 200 Israelis have been burning tires and throwing
rocks at Palestinian cars driving through the area and attacking
Israeli police. In Tiberias, three molotov cocktails were thrown at
Israeli police and in Affula, Israelis have been throwing rocks at
Israeli police.  There are no arab residents in Dimona, Affula and
Tiberial.  Israeli police have not retaliated against the attacks of
the Jewish rioters.

Israeli police have sealed off the entrance to Um Al Fahem, preventing
anyone from leaving or entering the area.

In Tel Aviv this afternoon, Israelis burnt down four Palestinian
houses.  Reports from Lod also state that Israeli Jewish residents
have been attacking Palestinian residents, shooting and attacking

In all of the above incidents, attacks are taking place under the
protection of Israeli border police, policemen and soldiers.

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